How to Find an Artist Manager

Recently a student approached me with the question, “What is the best method for finding a credible artist manager?”  Many artists, even at the early stages of their career, aspire to find a manager who can help them navigate the business side of their art.  Since artist managers generally work on a commission-only basis (generally 15 to 20% of the artist’s earnings), it often seems like a Catch-22: the artist needs a manager to help them make a living from their music, but cannot attract a legitimate manager until they are already bringing in steady revenue.

Please visit the Full Sail University Music Business blog to read my recommendations for artists in this position.

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6 responses to “How to Find an Artist Manager

  1. Great post, Jackie! I was very excited to stumble across your blog. Great student advice. :-)

  2. Jackie Otero

    Thanks Heather! I look forward to checking out your blog too :)

  3. Future Trance

    hi . i’m trance music producer / dj / musician . i really need a manager . How can i find or what have i do ? for example have i to be signed artist on a record label ?

    • Jackie Otero

      Hi there, you certainly don’t need signed to a record label to secure management, however since managers work on a commission basis, it’s important to establish yourself as a revenue-generating business in order to attract a professional manager. If this isn’t the case, consider teaming with a young manager who is looking to build their business and take on the task of developing emerging talent. Many music business students and recent grads are willing to help out artists and grow their careers together.

  4. "Munchkin"

    Hey Jackie me & three other friends need a record producer.We sing & rap we have been planing this for a long time ! , & we make songs all ! We really need help ! & How can we find a producer ? Can you help please !

    • Jackie Otero

      Whether it’s production or management, it’s all about networking. Search online for artists with a similar sound as you, and find out who produced their records. If you’re relatively unknown, I’d suggest starting small and researching other local artists you respect – once you find some names, start looking for them on social or professional networking sites, and be ready to pitch yourself and why they should work with you.

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